'Achalam art gallery' is born with a desire to take the spirit of appreciation, expression and love for art beyond the boundaries. The artistic talent blossoms within every individual irrespective of race, religion, language or country and each one develops an unique style on their own. Our gallery is a covergence point to bringforth such art forms . We are a meeting point to exhibit creative art and exchage imaginative ideas through artistic expressions. We will act as a catalyst for exchange of various forms of creativity and art skills with other parts of the world.
We value and support the established artists to showcase their talent and the gallery acts as a single point window to know about the latest happenings in the art world around the world.
We spot youth talent and provide a platform for the young and emerging artists for launching their works in the art arena and we nurture such talent to gain fame and popularity. We provide them immense learnings in this process.
"Achalam"stands for mountain. The exhibits in the gallery will raise above the peaks and cliffs of the art world to reach the summit.
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